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Why have ventilation?

Many domestic, commercial and industrial environments can benefit from a carefully designed air supply and stale air removal system. Ecomec are highly skilled and experienced at designing systems that exploit the latest technology to ensure that all systems cost effectively meet or exceed all legislative requirements.

Why choose Eco Mec?

Eco Mec are approved and qualified to supply and install all the trusted manufacturers of ventilation systems. All our staff are employed, rather than subcontracted, which means we maintain control and have the ability to fast track installation of required

Full maintenance support is available, either by contract or call out on demand, for all systems, irrespective of whether we originally installed.

  • No Obligation, Free Surveys - contact us to arrange an appointment
  • Professional Consultation, Design Service & Project Management
  • All Installations by Fully Trained and Qualified Engineers
  • Comprehensive after sales service and maintenance including out of hours

Our Solutions Include:

Kitchen Extraction Systems

These systems can be among the most complex and challenging incorporating both economisers and air input systems as well as having to meet strict environmental health requirements. Our design and installation service ensures that your business can meet all legislative requirements.

Fume Cupboard Installation

The installation, maintenance and correct operation of fume cupboard systems is critical for many organisations. Eco Mec not only install, but can inspect and manage systems and provide fully documented service and maintenance reports to ensure you comply with all current legislation.

Laminar Flow Areas

Modern factory production methods require strict air flow pattern, temperature and humidity control and monitoring. Ecomec are experienced at solutions for complex processing installations. We have the techniques and resources to create these specialist areas and ensure they fully integrate with your production facility and meet legislative requirements.

Contaminant Control

A well designed ventilation or air conditioning system can control high levels of contamination and ensure employees are fully protected. Eco Mec use the latest technological advances in gas sensors and detectors to ensure the safety of all installations and enable processes using materials previously thought to be too dangerous to control.

Fire and Smoke Control Systems

Eco Mec can design and install ventilation and air conditioning systems to incorporate essential fire safety requirements and provide specialist systems to pressurised stairwells and lobbies, as well as for specific smoke control and removal. Integrating with the architect's designs, advanced systems can be developed to provide maximum protection for occupants and the building structure.

Warm Air Curtains

Controlling heat loss at points of access using vertical or horizontal warm air curtains, can provide a solution to maintaining a comfort temperature within your building and ensure there is only minor variation in temperature and condition in the immediate vicinity of the access point.

Odour Control

Eco Mec can design and install fresh air and extract systems coupled with odour control by the following methods:

  • conventional filtration
  • carbon filtration
  • commercial air washing
  • biologically active vegetable material

Ventilation Maintenance

The servicing & maintenance of ventilation systems is essential to ensure they perform effectively and efficiently. It's a legal requirement that smoke and fire control systems are inspected, tested and maintained to a set schedule. Eco Mec operate a 24-hour fast response call-out service with a maintenance team that can provide all aspects of mechanical and electrical service on both a planned and response request basis. Our service also includes asset survey and condition reporting. We are always available to visit your site and provide you with service and maintenance recommendations.

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

Our Ventilation Equipment Suppliers Include:

Our Ventilation Equipment Suppliers Include:

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See our projects gallery