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Why review your heating systems?

Many commercial buildings are still reliant on heating from convection radiators driven by oversized boilers. These require draught to function and the result can often be uneven temperatures and cold spots, resulting in unpredictable performance and wasted energy. There are many far more energy and cost efficient solutions available now and below you will find further details on many of the more popular ones.

Why choose Eco Mec?

Eco Mec are approved and qualified to supply and install all the trusted manufacturers of heating systems.

Full maintenance support is available, either by contract or call out on demand, for all systems, irrespective of whether we originally installed.

  • No Obligation, Free Surveys - contact us to arrange an appointment
  • Professional Consultation, Design Service & Project Management
  • All Installations by Fully Trained and Qualified Engineers
  • Comprehensive after sales service and maintenance including out of hours

Our Services & Solutions Include:


We provide solutions for some of the most demanding environments in the UK including major hotel chains, government bodies and general engineering. We can install, service and maintain a wide range of systems including wet systems, radiators, under floor heating and reverse cycle air conditioning (heat pump).


We’ve provided solutions for all types of industrial locations, including specialist areas such as the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

Calorifiers (Storage water heaters)

Calorifiers are ideal solutions for establishments with a very high peak demand for hot water such as hospitals, hotels, sports & leisure centres. They can be installed in banks of several units to meet the requirement and are generally manufactured from Copper as it has excellent non-corrosive and anti-bacterial qualities.

Eco Mec supply and install a wide range of calorifiers from small point of use water heaters to large bespoke heating and pumping systems. We have solutions for use in both safe and hazardous areas.

Radiant Skirting Heating Systems

The use of radiant skirting heating, instead of radiators, ensures an even distribution of heat from low level throughout the whole room, providing high levels of comfort, minimal air movement, with no cold spots or wasted energy. Less air movement means less allergen in the air and a healthier environment in which to live and work. Easily accessible at all times, they are very quick to heat up and cool down and require no special site preparation.

Eco Mec supply form the widest range of electric, gas and oil powered systems designed to meet the requirements of both domestic and commercial environments. They are suitable for all types of buildings and blend well with both modern and more traditional surroundings.

Warm Air Heating

Warm air heaters can provide the ideal heating solution for large space areas such as factories, warehouses, showrooms, schools, offices, shops, halls, churches and leisure centres. They can provide overall, supplementary or spot heating with high comfort levels and energy savings where high temperature radiant heat systems are often not suitable. We supply only from ranges designed for today's demanding needs with improved efficiencies, electronic controls and the latest safety feature with a choice of gas, oil and electricity energy supply.

Boiler Installation & Replacement

A central heating boiler can provide the main heat source for a building and it's size must be correctly matched. If the boiler is oversized, then fuel bills will be excessively high; if undersized it may not generate enough heat in especially in winter. The ideal size for a boiler is one that copes adequately on the coldest day of the year, but due to outdated calculation systems many existing boilers are oversized and inefficient. With the emphasis on energy conservation Eco Mec can correctly assess your requirements and source and install a suitable boiler solution that potentially allows for smaller radiators and reduced costs for both installation and fuel.

Eco Mec are approved Potterton installers for all commercial and industrial boilers.

Heat Exchangers

Heating and cooling are essential to most industrial processes and heat exchangers provide efficient low energy consumption, advanced technology solutions. We can supply and install standard air, tube and plate heat exchangers and well as purpose built solution for specialist requirements.

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is not a new concept but has historically been expensive to run and difficult to control. Today, however, it can provide a very cost effective and controllable long term solution for heating your home or workplace. This is because it gently heats from the lowest part of the room - the coldest part - instead of from the walls or ceiling. Consequently it delivers a more consistent, evenly distributed heat throughout the room and dust is not circulated as can happen with fan driven systems. It can be compatible with tile, carpet, lino and wood floors and no longer needing radiators make a more efficient use of room space.

We can provide either electric or 'low pressure hot water' (LPHW) systems from the top manufacturers and design & install the more suitable solution to meet the requirements of your premises.

Ducted Heating Systems

Ducted 'central' heating can be an efficient system for an entire home or office building where heat is required in all or most rooms simultaneously. Fuelled by gas air is drawn in and passed over a heat exchanger to warm it. Ducting laid in the floor or ceiling then distributes the heated air throughout the building. Ceiling or floor based vents then allow the warm air into the rooms.

Heat Loss Calculation

Before choosing and designing a heating system it is essential to calculate the heat loss from the building. Eco Mec calculate the heat loss from each room and build an accurate picture of the whole building enabling the most cost effective and energy efficient solution to be recommended.

Service and Maintenance

Eco Mec operate a 24-hour fast response call-out service with a maintenance team that can provide all aspects of mechanical and electrical service on both a planned and response request basis. Our service also includes asset survey and condition reporting. We are always available to visit your site and provide you with service and maintenance recommendations.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

This is a Government introduced incentive scheme managed by the Carbon Trust to encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment. It means businesses can potentially write off up to 100% of their expenditure against taxable profits, on new equipment that conforms to specified criteria.

For further information on this scheme please visit the following sites:



Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

Our Heating Equipment Suppliers Include:

Our Heating Equipment Suppliers Include:

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See our projects gallery