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Free Cooling

What is 'Free Cooling'?

'Free Cooling' or 'Free Air' control system uses the ambient outside air temperature to cool your server / UPS machines without the use of air conditioning, which can be costly to run. There are 2 key benefits of an ecomec installed free cooling system:

  • Reducing your business air cooling costs of between 20% - 75% compared to a normal close control air conditioning system
  • Reducing your business carbon footprint by reducing your demand for electricity

How Does It Work?

It works using your existing close control air conditioning systems, but with additional supply/extract fans, ductwork, dampers, sensors and a control system monitoring the outdoor air temperature 24/7 to establish when filtrated fresh air can be used to cool your server and UPS systems, switching back to your original air conditioning when the ambient air is too warm. The outdoor air temperature is monitored on a real-time basis ensuring maximum free cooling and maximum cost reductions.

F-Gas Survey

F-Gases are the commonest refrigerants in air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration systems. They contain HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons) which affect global warming if they escape into the air. The European Union's F-Gas Regulation No 842/2006 became law on 4 July 2006 to minimise emissions of these gases and is being imposed by a timetable of compliance deadlines - click here for further details.

Eco Mechanical Services Limited are F-Gas registered (FGAS2001963) to operate to the required standards and you can check out certification by visiting

To help you ensure your business is complying with the regulations, we offer a site survey from just £50 +VAT. Call 01635 523700 to arrange or email:

Refrigerant Servicing, Maintenance, Disposal & Record Keeping

  • Arrange proper refrigerant recovery by certified personnel during servicing and disposal
  • Maintain records of refrigerants and servicing including:
    • Quantity and type of F-Gases installed, added or recovered.
    • Identification of the company or technician carrying out servicing and details of the operator.
    • Dates & results of leakage checks, specifically identifying separate pieces of equipment containing 30kgs or more of refrigerant.

Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations