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Why have Air Conditioning?

Modern work and home environments contain lots of heat generating devices such as lights, computers and electronic equipment.  Windows allow heat to penetrate from outside and further warm up the climate inside. Whilst not necessarily a problem in Winter, in the middle of summer opening a window is not ideal as you are likely to just let in more humid, hot air, noise and fumes. Not conducive to either a productive working environment or comfortable home!

Fans may help a little but they won’t reduce the humidity, ventilate or lower the temperature.  Air conditioning will and modern equipment can deliver environmentally friendly solutions.  Energy efficient design developments and the introduction of new refrigerants have produced systems that are better for the environment and comply with all current and planned legislative demands.

Why choose Eco Mec?

We are approved and qualified to supply and install all the trusted manufacturers of air conditioning systems.

Full maintenance support is available, either by contract or call out on demand, for all systems, irrespective of whether we originally installed.

  • No Obligation, Free Surveys - contact us to arrange an appointment
  • Certified F-Gas engineers (FGAS2001963)
  • Professional Consultation, Design Service & Project Management
  • All Installations by Fully Trained and Qualified Engineers
  • Support, help and advice to secure Interest Free Loans from the Carbon Trust and Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs)
  • Comprehensive after sales service and maintenance including out of hours

Our Solutions Include:

We’ve provided solutions for some of the most demanding environments in the UK including major hotel chains, government bodies and general engineering.

A wide range of air conditioning techniques are available utilising both split air conditioning units, packaged plant and chilled water systems. Our design and engineering skills and experience mean we can source, install and maintain the right solution for your organisation. So, whether you need a single unit or a grouped installation you can rely on us to deliver to budget and on time.

To help minimise disruption we can provide a low cost option of weekend working to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

Free Cooling

'Free Cooling' or 'Free Air' control system uses the ambient outside air temperature to cool your server / UPS machines without the use of air conditioning, which can be costly to run. There are 2 key benefits of an ecomec installed free cooling system:

  • Reducing your business air cooling costs of between 20% - 75% compared to a normal close control air conditioning system
  • Reducing your business carbon footprint by reducing your demand for electricity

It works using your existing close control air conditioning systems, but with additional supply/extract fans, ductwork, dampers, sensors and a control system monitoring the outdoor air temperature 24/7 to establish when filtrated fresh air can be used to cool your server and UPS systems, switching back to your original air conditioning when the ambient air is too warm. The outdoor air temperature is monitored on a real-time basis ensuring maximum free cooling and maximum cost reductions.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning (heat pumps)

Reverse cycle air conditioning extracts heat from the outside air, even in winter, and transfers it inside. A refrigerant is passed through an external coil, absorbing the available heat. The refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor into a fan coil unit (condenser) inside the building, releasing its heat into the room. By reversing the flow refrigerative cooling can be provided in summer. The technology delivers some of the most cost effective and efficient heating/cooling systems available including portable units, window/wall units and split & ducted systems suitable for both domestic and commercial premises.

Close Control Systems

The long term security and protection of areas where temperature and humidity control is essential, such as computer rooms and laboratories, is essential to the smooth running of your business. We can assess the risks to these areas and design and install Close Control Systems solutions to eliminate them cost effectively.

We regularly work to relative humidities of ± 5% and temperatures of ±1 C.

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems have for many years provided the most flexible, high quality, low maintenance air conditioning systems. We have a range of equipment from all the leading suppliers to provide a highly cost effective solution for your organisation.


We’ve provided solutions for all types of industrial locations, including specialist areas such as the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

A wide range of air conditioning techniques are available including process cooling. Our design and engineering skills and experience mean we can source, install and maintain the right solution for your organisation.

To help minimise disruption we can provide a low cost option of weekend working to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

Process Cooling

Process cooling of gases, liquids and solids is a highly specialist area.  Unlike many other air conditioning companies we have the expertise and experience to deliver the right solution for your business.

Service and Maintenance

Eco Mec operate a 24-hour fast response call-out service with a maintenance team that can provide all aspects of mechanical and electrical service on both a planned and response request basis. Our service also includes asset survey and condition reporting. We are always available to visit your site and provide you with service and maintenance recommendations. We operate a remote 24-hour BMS monitoring service using modem link where requested.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

This is a Government introduced incentive scheme managed by the Carbon Trust to encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment. It means businesses can potentially write off up to 100% of their expenditure against taxable profits, on new equipment that conforms to specified criteria.

For further information on this scheme please visit the following site:

Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration

Eco Mec work with a wide range of commercial customers including public houses, supermarkets and shops.  We provide cost effective solutions for air conditioning, beer cellars, bulk tanks, water chillers, refrigeration equipment, refrigerated transport and other refrigerated commercial and industrial equipment.


An evaporator is a heat transfer system and part of a refrigeration cycle in which liquid refrigerant is evaporated to remove heat from the refrigerated space, or product. The capacity of any evaporator or cooling coil is the rate at which heat will pass through the evaporator walls from the refrigerated space to the vaporising liquid. Evaporators are manufactured in a wide variety of types, shapes, sizes and designs and we can recommend the solution most suited to your requirements.

Condensing Units

We can source and install a range of air cooled condensing units suitable for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. We typically use units that offer low noise levels and are suitable for floor, wall or roof mounting.

Cellar Cooling

Whether you want to establish a new wine room or improve the infrastructure of an existing cellar we have a solution. We supply air conditioning units and insulating materials to dehumidifiers, thermo hygrometers and hygrometers – everything you need to ensure your wine and beer is stored in the optimum environment.

Catering Cabinets

We can source, install and maintain all the leading makes of commercial and industrial refrigerated cabinets to meet the requirements of catering suppliers and food retailers.

Cold Rooms

We can design and install a coldroom to meet your specific requirements. Small cold rooms for the preservation of food and other perishable products are ideal for restaurants, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, butchers and florists. Larger commercial cold rooms and walk in coolers are well suited to food wholesalers and other large scale operators.

Ice Machines

We supply and maintain ice making machines from all the leading manufacturers. From compact units ideal for pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels to larger units for demanding high volumes users such as hospitals, fast-food outlets and nightclubs.

Refrigerant Reclaim

We conform to Sections 33 & 34 of the Environmental Protection Act at all times. All our engineers are trained in safe handling and hold valid certificates. We are a Registered Waste Handler and can reclaim and dispose of any banned CFC gases that may still be in use within your systems.


Our Accreditations

Our Accreditations

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation

We can design & install energy efficient heat recovery ventilation

Our Air Conditioning Equipment Suppliers include:

Our Air Conditioning Equipment Suppliers include:

Our Refrigeration Equipment Suppliers Include:

Our Refrigeration Equipment Suppliers Include:

See our projects gallery

See our projects gallery